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2015-04-04 03:04:21 by fatalimpact36

Hey everyone, how's it going? I'm not new here but I made an active account this time! 

I'm FatalImpact and as of now I mainly do Traditional art. I am not great at digital art yet but I try to practice now and then. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to make games or even just some short movies to post on here!

I may put up an occasional digital post (if it's presentable) or even a filtered traditional

I have an Art Amino also, its's an Android/IOS app and it's free; My user is FatalImpact! There are some amazing artists on there!

I have a personal Tumblr and Twitter also; I post a bit of art but I mostly reblog/retweet art/fnfaf/markiplier stuff so if you're interested just serach FatalImpact36 or even just FatalImpact I'll be there somewhere! (probably haha)

So, if you're reading this then thank you so much! =)


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